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Click on the Hearts above to learn more about how to overcome cravings.  Sunrider Fortune Delight, Calli, NuPlus, Quinary, Vitataste, Sunrider Steva - can all play a vital role. 

Diana Walker, Cravings Coach  2 Audios on Cravings
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Trudy Stoelting, 1 Audio on Cravings

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Goldie Denise (Denny), 1 Audio on Cravings
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Karla, 1 Audio on Cravings
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Many of the Superfoods today can help stop sugar cravings.  More green vegetables, in large amounts, can help.  
There are many, many solutions, but it can be overwhelming trying to incorporate all the changes that can be necessary.
We created these audios about 8 years ago, but they apply even more today, so I hope you learn a lot from them.  Even if you are not a Sunrider and don't want to be a Sunrider, you will find a lot of incredible education in these Audios that I arranged with my friends Trudy, Karla and Goldie (my sister Goldie Denise)

If you would like to organize and share your Audios like I do, try this  AUDIO ACROBAT 
I have used and loved this service for recording audios and teleclasses for over 5 years - since 2006.

If you are not a Sunrider, and I have sent you this link, and you want to start your Sunrider journey, you can go to Free Sunrider Customer Account  and get started. 

Contact me at sunridermom at gmail.com if you want more information.  
Diana Walker, Cravings Coach
CEO, Diana's Healthy Lifestyles, Sunrider Leader