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Are you looking for Healthy Snacks for kids? 
Healthy Whole Foods for the whole family? 
Sunrider NuPlus for Babies - Baby Formula


I know I certainly never thought of eating  food herbs when my kids were young, but once I discovered  Sunrider herbal foods and beverages, I was so excited.  

Order Healthy Whole Foods for Kids:  http://www.diana2.com/free_sunrider_account.html

There are wonderful delicious Chocolate and Fruit Vitalite Sunbars, energy bars and crunchy snacks -- all containing whole foods, plants close to nature.  The Sunrider Chocolate and Strawberry Vitashake are amazing and delicious.  The Calli Tea and Fortune Delight beverage do not have caffeine in them -- herbal beverages.  They are safe for everyone from children to grandparents to eat and drink.

Sunrider NuPlus for Babies and the Whole Family

NuPlus Flavours in Canada and USA:

  • Apple Cinnamon
  • Mixed Berry
  • Naturally Plain
  • Original (used to be called Regular)
  • Pina Banana
  • Simply Herbs
Here are some healthy whole food recipes that we've been enjoying in our family for the past 25 years:

Very Berry

Apple Juice (8oz.)

Banana (fresh or frozen)

Strawberries (or any berries)

Mixed Berry Sunrider NuPlus - 1 pkg. (or 1 scoop) or Vitashake Strawberry Shake

Quinary 50-Herb Powder 1 pkg. (optional)

Stevia to taste, Sunrider Sunnydew 

Blend in blender


Almond Dream

Vanilla Rice Milk or Soy Milk (8 oz.)

Banana (frozen is best)

Raw Almonds -5 or 6

Dates 2 or 3

Simply Herbs Sunrider NuPlus - 1 pkg. (or 1 scoop) or Vitashake Chocolate Shake

Quinary 50-Herb Powder - 1 pkg. (optional)

Stevia to taste, Sunrider Sunnydew

Blend in blender



Pineapple Coconut Juice

Banana (frozen is best)

Sunrider Pina Banana NuPlus Whole-Body Tonic - 1 pkg. (or 1 scoop)

Quinary 50-Herb Powder - 1 pkg. (optional)

Stevia to taste

Blend in blender


Apple Cinnamon

Apple Juice (8 oz.)

Naturally Plain NuPlus Whole-Body Tonic - 1 pkg.- (or 1 scoop)

Cinnamon - a dash (or use AC Whole-Body tonic

 or Cinnamon Fat Cleansing Beverage)

50-Herb Powder - 1 pkg. (optional)

Stevia to taste

Shake in bottle with lid, or blend in blender


Cherries Jubilee

Cherry Juice or Cherry Cider (8 oz.)

Simply Herbs NuPlus - 1 pkg. (or 1 scoop)

Frozen black cherries (1/2 cop)

Banana (1/2)

Stevia (Sunrider SunnyDew or Sunectar) to taste

Blend in blender


Just Peachy

Peach Nectar (8 oz.)

Peaches (1 cup fresh or frozen)

Any flavor NuPlus Whole Body Tonic - 1 pkg.

Quinary 50-Herb  Powder - 1 pkg. (optional)

Stevia to taste

Blend in blender


Antioxidant Liquid Fun

Lemon Fortune Delight - Fat Cleansing Beverage (1/2 cup)

Orange Juice (1/2 cup)

Antioxidant Liquid (1 Tablespoon) Sunrider Vitafruit 

Pina Banana NuPlus Whole Body Tonic - 1 pkg.

Pineapple chunks (1/3 cup)

Stevia to taste



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Unfired (unchanged by cooking i.e. heat and microwave), living and unprocessed vegetables and fruits are alkaline-forming. 




Most, if not all, processed and COOKED and fried foods are acid-forming.

Most processed dairy products are acid-forming. The more milk is pasteurized, homogenized and de-fatted, the more it becomes acid-forming. The more natural it is, the more basic it remains.  Goat milk, and goat cheese is alkaline-forming (basic) and so is mother's milk.  Meat, fish, poultry, sweets and unsprouted flour products are acid-forming.

Our children are our responsibility.  Even as they grow into adults, if we haven’t provided them with a foundation of healthy skills and habits, they will suffer and make harmful health choices. 

Don’t stress ‘diet’s’ or ‘weight loss’ in children. It only teaches them to be self conscious and ashamed of their bodies.  Teach your children to appreciate themselves for who they are and to be the best person that they can be.  When they love themselves, they’ll take better care of their bodies as children and as adults. 

Proper nutrition means that your child is getting all of the nutrients and vitamins that they need to grow strong and healthy.  They need their calories and nutrients to be dispersed throughout the day, which means that skipping breakfast, having a candy bar for lunch and then having a healthy dinner isn’t giving them what they need to perform well during the day.  Instead, offer your children 4-5 smaller meals each day or three main meals with two healthy snacks. 

  • The average child aged 4-8 needs about 1300 calories a day. 
  • The average child aged 9-13 year old needs about 1700 calories a day
  • The average child aged 14-18 needs about 2000 depending on their activity levels and development. 

These calories can be broken down into three main meals consisting of a lean protein, vegetable or fruit, and a carbohydrate. 

Avoid foods that are high in sugar, saturated fats, trans fats and chemicals that you cannot pronounce. 

One bit of advice that many health care professionals and nutritionists like to share is “If your great grandmother wouldn’t recognize it, don’t serve it to your child.”  Meaning quite simply, if it is full of chemicals and preservatives, don’t feed it to your child.

Below are other Herb Food Success Stories (no photos):

Carrie's Success Story

I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism as a young adult after years of suffering with symptoms and getting no help.  I took thyroid hormones for years but was uncomfortable with that, because I knew that giving my body that hormone was a "crutch" and that my thyroid would never heal and produce its own hormone.

Meanwhile, I had learned about the Chinese Food Herbs.  I started on the Basic Program (the Cell-Nourishing Shakes, the Cell Cleansing Beverages, the Sugars-Management Liquid, and the Endocrine-System Foods.

I found that after several months of this I was able to stop taking my thyroid medications and had no return of symptoms.  I even used this regimen during my pregnancies when normally your thyroid might act up.  My doctor wanted to know what I was doing so I told him....thankfully, he is very open-minded to nutritional therapy.

Carrie Lauth