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Sunbreeze Oil Health Benefits

Sunrider Sunbreeze Oil and Balm

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- Incredible Unforgettable Scent




Menthol, Camphor, Cassia Oil (essential oil from cinnamon bark tree), and other essential flower oils.




Essential Oils

Sunbreeze Oil is made from the pure essential oils of flowers and herbs, while the balm is made from the same oil blended in a natural beeswax base.   


The Real Thing

You can’t always be sure of what you are getting.  Some oils and balms contain synthetic oils.  Synthetic perfumes, which are made from chemicals and have an inorganic base, were created in the 1800’s.  Because it was cheaper to make fragrances artificially than to extract essential oils from plants, chemical scents began to replace natural ones, and people forgot essential oils possessed healing properties.

Sunbreeze is made from only pure essential oils.


Sunbreeze is a soothing, penetrating oil or balm that not only eases pain, but also aids the body in its natural healing process for external injuries.  The Sunbreeze Oil and Balm are based on a formula recorded in the herbal manuscripts of the Chinese Emperors.  The formula was originally developed by the temple priests to aid their recovery from injuries sustained while practicing extremely rigorous martial arts.  All ingredients work in synergy.  That is, the effects of the combination of all the ingredients are much more effective than those of any individual ingredient. 



Summary of Benefits


Following are just some of the ways in which Sunbreeze is used:



Rub on the temples, forehead and/or the back of the neck for:


·          Headache

·          Muscle Tension

·          Drowsiness

·          Motion Sickness



Rub on other parts of the body for:


·     Sinus Congestion

·      Canker Sores

·      Minor Wounds

·    Strains

·     Toothache

·    Rheumatism

·    Sprains

·    Muscle Pain

·     Arthritis

·     Insect Bites/Stings

·      Back Pain

·      Sunburn



Place on Tongue for:


·     Heartburn

·     Sore Throat

·     Sinus Congestion

·     Motion Sickness

·    Upset Stomach

·    Drowsiness

·     Morning Sickness

·      Bad Breath



A couple of drops of oil on a Q-tip applied to the ear for infections, water-logging and wax buildup works wonders.  This may also relieve motion sickness and ear pain while flying.



Avoid getting it in your eyes or on very sensitive areas (You know where I mean!).  The essential oils provoke a brisk sensation, which may be either warm or cool.


Suggested Amounts


Gently rub a few drops of oil or the equivalent of balm on the temples, on the back of the neck at the base of the skull, or onto the shoulders.  You may experience the soothing, temporary relief of headache, muscle tension or drowsiness.  Gently rub balm or a few drops of oil on the skin and massage into any area of tenderness, or any part of the body as needed for congestion, insect bites and stings, and burns.  For soothing a sunburn, blend a drop or two of the oil with Kandesn Hand and Body Lotion.  Some people rub Sunbreeze on the stomach to soothe upset.  Sunbreeze is perfect for those all-over rubdowns.  Combine a few drops of oil with Kandesn Hand and Body Lotion and experience the relaxing sensation of soothing, tingling warmth all over your body.


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Sunbreeze® Balm and Oil
Refreshing Relief

Relief is at your fingertips! Massage it into muscles for immediate soothing relief. It’s also a great stress-buster when used for a neck rub or on the temples. The refreshing scent adds to the sense-pleasing, restorative experience.  Enjoy a “mini-spa” break wherever you are—simply rub it in to relieve, relax, and revive.

“We love Sunbreeze® Balm! It’s the first thing that I put into my pocket when I leave home. It is so reviving and refreshing! I think Sunbreeze® Balm is a really good door-opener and an easy way to promote Sunrider. If people get to know Sunrider through this small balm, they’ll want to know all about Sunrider. It’s also perfect for product demonstrations, because you can feel the effects right away.” - Takáts, György, Silver Master Director, Hungary

“Sunbreeze® has a special name which indicates its unique function as a heater (sun) and a cooler (breeze) at the same time. You will feel its action the minute you start using it. This wonderful product is especially recommended for use by active people and great for athletes who seek help with stretching and sore muscles. It is ideal for use in massage. You can rub it on your temples or inhale it to open blocked airways or even put it in an oil burner to clear the atmosphere. Sunbreeze® gives an immediate energetic sensation and leaves you with a fresh feeling and a wonderful smell.” - Efrat Doron, Group Director, Israel

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