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Beauty Pearl
Sunrider Herbs for Hormones and Skin

BEAUTY PEARL – Food for the Skin and Hormones (PMS, Menopause)

Beauty Pearl was the key for me (Diana Walker) - this is one of my very favourite Sunrider herbal products.  This helped my PMS, depression, and mood swings.  Beauty Pearl helps with hormones.  It is marketed as a Beauty and skincare product, helping from the inside out.  Sunrider Beauty Pearl can be used by men and women, young and old.  Adolescents have wonderful experiences with Beauty Pearl and moods.  When men use our Beauty Pearl, we call the Pearls, "Macho Marbles".  

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3.  DR. REUBEN CHEN INTERVIEWING Dr. Gelareh Solomon, Ph.D. "How to Cope with Anxiety" 


Diana Walker's Experience with Beauty Pearl

I was a single parent, raising my 2 sons, Jesse and Gabe, and working full-time at the local Hospital in Administration.

For at least 10 days a month, I was a crazy woman!!  I was so stressed.

I would shout at my kids in the morning, trying to get us all out the door, to school and work. I felt so stressed, pressured, and out of control.

Then I would feel remorseful.

I would promise myself I would be calm and organized the next day - and yet I would find myself ranting and raving again.

Then I found Sunrider nutritional products and Beauty Pearl in particular, which helped me every day of the month to be the calm, centred person that is the real me!

After I had used the Beauty Pearl for 2 weeks, my 8-year-old son Gabe said 
"Mom, you don't have flames coming out of your head any more!

My PMS and mood swings are gone. Other added benefits include an inner calm and better sleep.  These benefits continue even today, 25 years later, as I enjoy Vibrant Health and Sunrider nutrition, including one Beauty Pearl daily.  

Ingredients:   Honey, Korean White Ginseng, Chrysanthemum Flower, Royal Jelly Extract.


Beauty Pearl is nutrient-rich food that was originally developed for the Empress of China to promote beautiful skin and preserve youthfulness.  As part of the Kandesn Skin Care line of natural products that cleanse and feed the outer skin surface, Beauty Pearls provide the internal nourishment needed to promote hormonal system stability and supports beautiful skin from within.  This formula, which is several hundred years old, comes to us from the ancient Chinese herbal manuscripts.  The Chinese understood that true beauty came from proper nutrition.  Beauty Pearls are not only for women, but men and children can also eat them.

Men have reported feeling more centered and better able to deal with anger.  Many men refer to Beauty Pearls as “Macho Marbles”.  Have you ever known a man to be grouchy, cantankerous, and hard to get along with?  Well, give him one or two Beauty Pearls a day, and watch his personality change.  Now of course, that is within reason.  Men have change of life, changes just like women do and the pearl can help "mellow-out" a man.  So ladies, if you would like a more lovable husband—slip him a Beauty Pearl.

Of course, Beauty Pearls are wonderful for women.  They seem to have the ability to moderate and stabilize the natural processes of the hormone system, for both women and men.  

Many women have reported relief from PMS symptoms, including bloating and emotional instability.  One child said about his mother that, "she doesn't have flames coming out of her head any more!"  

Beauty Pearl can also be very beneficial to women going through menopause.  Many women have commented that their hot flashes went away and other symptoms balanced out.  

A teenager going through puberty is another great place for Beauty Pearl.  Many parents have commented on how much easier life has become when their teenagers have just 1 Beauty Pearl per day.  

Good results have also been achieved in controlling acne and other hormone-related skin conditions.  Since she began eating 4 to 5 of these nightly, one delighted Sunrider says she has been accused of having a face-lift!  A mother reported the remarkable experience of her 6-year-old daughter, who was suffering from migraine headaches.  Although they were careful with her diet, nothing was helping.  From the first Beauty Pearl, the child experienced no more headaches.

Summary of Benefits:

In summing up Beauty Pearl... one pearl a day can be very beneficial for:
* Helping to re-establish normal, stabilized hormone system balance for both men and women.
* Relief from PMS symptoms and hot flashes and Cravings
* Cell nourishment for the skin all over the body.
* Improved skin texture and conditions.
* Promotes moisture retention on the face and other areas of the body.
* Enables the body to better assimilate other foods rich in vitamins and minerals.
* Promotes youthfulness and a positive attitude.
* High in assimilable calcium.

Beauty Pearl Suggested Amounts:

For attractive, healthy new skin and emotional support, swallow 1-2 Beauty Pearl every day.  When eaten at night, it may also promote more peaceful sleep.

As with all Sunrider formulations, each ingredient in the Beauty Pearl is chosen for its special beneficial qualities; however, the way they are combined is what makes it and each Sunrider product exclusive.  The special exotic food ingredients are:
Honey is a natural sweetener, which has been used as an ingredient in skin-care and personal care products for centuries in many world cultures.
Korean White Ginseng is a regenerative food, which nourishes the muscles, benefits the nervous system and helps to balance the function of the hormone secretion especially related to the reproductive organs.  Many women in North America don’t eat any food, which nourishes their reproductive organs.  Maybe this is why women’s problems are common in our culture.  The reproductive organs and other endocrine glands regulate the balance of the skin through hormone function.  Radiant skin thus is a result of healthy glands.  Korean Ginseng seems to have more of a cooling effect on the body, and is good for hot climates, as well as, for hot flashes.  The Chinese eat ginseng all the time for energy, strength, and endurance.  Athletes who want to increase their endurance and performance commonly eat it.  Korean Ginseng is very nourishing to the mind and nervous system.
Royal Jelly Extract is a food produced by the “worker bees” for the “Queen”.  It is a highly nourishing food that prolongs her life 30x that of the other bees and also makes it possible for her to lay the eggs for the hive.  Research has found this food to be extremely beneficial to the skin, with proven healing and nourishing properties.  Royal Jelly is considered perhaps the most complete food; proven to have healing and regenerative qualities.  The extract contains 18 amino acids or protein, pantothenic acid, B vitamins, and numerous minerals.
Chrysanthemum Flower has been known for its anti-infection, anti-inflammatory and cell nourishing properties.  It works most completely when mixed with herbs, and is widely used as a tea.  (It is also in our Sunectar (Suncare in Canada) and SunnyDew (Suncare Plus in Canada.)

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.  This information is provided for nutrition purposes only.  It is not intended to diagnose, prescribe or imply treatment.  If you have a medical condition, consult a physician.

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Sunrider Beauty Pearl Diana Walker

Diana Walker's Experience with Beauty Pearl

Above are recent photos of Diana Walker with sons Jesse and Gabe.  They treat me like a queen.  Thank goodness for Beauty Pearl, so that I could be the mother I wanted to be!!

Beauty Pearl™

One of Sunrider's first products, Beauty Pearl helps women look and feel more confident. Beauty Pearl; contains a unique blend of natural vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids, and antioxidants.


I formulated Beauty Pearl™ with dong quai, ginseng, essence of pearl, and other nutrients to help women of all ages. Beauty Pearl™ has many wonderful benefits. It nourishes your skin and can improve your complexion. For the best results, I recommend using Beauty Pearl with our Kandesn skin care products.

Beauty Pearl™ can also help ease the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome (PMS) so you feel more balanced and comfortable.* Many women have told me that they feel happier and look more beautiful since they started taking Beauty Pearl™.”**
Dr. Tei-Fu Chen, Founder and Owner of Sunrider International

*This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Beauty Pearl Product Testimonials

“I have been to the COI plant on many occasions, and I have seen the manufacture of Sunrider® products from raw materials. I have used Beauty Pearl™ for over 20 years, and my daughters have used it as well, since they were young girls. We have all enjoyed it, and we all feel happier when our skin is beautiful.”
Maureen Snelgrove, Alberta, Canada

“Since I started using Beauty Pearl™ for the past few years, it has made my skin more supple and glowing. I feel younger and more energized! People take one look at me and ask me how I can achieve such beautiful skin, and I just tell them all about Beauty Pearl™ and its great business potential. It’s a great way to make more money. I love to give this as a gift for Mother’s Day!”
Wang Soon Mui, Singapore

“I take Beauty Pearl™ every day, ever since joining Sunrider eight years ago. It makes me feel good and more balanced. The market potential of this product is great.”
Renate Gruber, Switzerland

“Beauty Pearl™ is one of my favorite Sunrider® products. I have consumed this wonderful product for 5 years and I am feeling healthy and looking good since I tried it. A few years ago, I toured the COI plant and watched the manufacturing process of the Beauty Pearl™. I was so surprised at how high the quality of the raw materials was and also by the concentration process. This is an essential product for every woman. I usually introduce it together with Kandesn® skin care and color cosmetics to boost the synergy effect.”
Lee, Mi Young, Korea

“The effects of Beauty Pearl™ can be seen and felt in a short time. This wonderful, pearl-form tablet means a huge market potential, because while using it, the quality of my skin, hair, and nails all improved. People start asking me what makes this amazing change so I can talk about Sunrider.”
Józsefné, Solymosi, Hungary

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