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NUPLUS Nutrition
Sunrider NuPlus for Babies and Families

Sunrider NuPlus for Babies and Families

Sunrider NuPlus is delicious and nutritious.


NuPlus is Sunrider’s main nourishing formula, providing a variety of balanced food grade whole plant nutrients we need daily in order to regenerate - NuPlus is ‘Nutrition Plus!’ Sunbars and Vitashake contain NuPlus and have the same whole food properties. 

Here is a terrific document on Sunrider NuPlus:




NUPLUS – A FOOD YOU CAN LIVE ON! – Cell Energy Formula

NuPlus is an exclusive herbal nutritional product based on an ancient Chinese formula – thousands of years of research and testing.

NuPlus is a whole, bio-available food the body recognizes, can easily assimilate and use for regeneration.

NuPlus is a concentrated herbal nutritional foundation on which to build a solid and healthful diet.





NuPlus comes in 6 different varieties and is packaged in 15g packets or bulk.  The packets are convenient to take with you or use at home.  The bulk is great for a family.


Regular (Bulk size only) is ideal for those on liquid diets and for babies. 

Ingredients:  Coix Fruit, Chinese Yam, Fox Nut, Lotus Seed, Lotus Root, Waterlily Bulb, Imperate Root. (Does not contain any type of beans.)


Simply Herbs (in 15g packets or bulk) mild flavor – so it works great for adding to recipes.  Has a smoother texture than the varieties with fruit pieces.

Ingredients:  Coix Fruit, Soy Beans, Chinese Yam, Fox Nut, Lotus Seed, Lotus Root, Waterlily Bulb, Green Bean, Red Bean, Black Bean, White Bean, Imperate Root.


The following 4 varieties are Simply Herbs with the addition of natural, freeze-dried fruit pieces.  Each is available in 15g packets or bulk.

                Apple Cinnamon (good for digestion and circulation)

                Mixed Berry (good for concentration and focus)

                Naturally Plain (good for the heart)

                Pina Banana (good for stress and headaches)



Serving Size: 1 package NuPlus (15 grams) contains:



Calories  60

Fat Calories  10

Total Fat  1 gram

Sodium  15 mg

Total Carb  9 grams

Protein  4 grams




Keeping a balanced diet is essential for health.  Our daily food intake is usually unbalanced.  We need to nourish our bodies with a variety of balanced foods.  Packed with essential nutrients, NuPlus is a balanced blend of complex carbohydrates and essential proteins.  It is formulated with concentrated herbs, soybeans, red beans, green beans, white beans, black beans and freeze-dried fruit.  Additional dietary benefits include naturally occurring bioflavonoids, antioxidants, amino acids and phytochemicals.


NuPlus – is a complete food providing:

·          65% complex carbohydrates (glucose)

·          20% protein (amino acids)

·          15% fat (good, essential fatty acids)

·          Vitamins and minerals



Only 60 calories & 1 gram of unsaturated fat

·          A balanced blend of complex carbohydrates combining concentrated herbs with soybeans and other legumes and natural freeze-dried fruit, no added sugars.

·          A unique formulation with naturally occurring bioflavonoids, antioxidants, amino acids, and other beneficial phytochemicals.

·          Consumable as a beverage or a food for a convenient source of nutrients, naturally low in sodium.


Other Similar Foods and Beverages

Ensure: (butter pecan flavor) 335 calories, 13 grams of fat (2 saturated)

·          Often contain only refined sugar as a source of carbohydrates rather than natural herbs, fruit, and vegetables.

·          Most do not contain antioxidants, bioflavonoids, or other effective phytochemicals.

·          Often contain artificial flavors and colors, high-calorie sugars and fat.



Summary of Benefits


Possible Benefits of Sunrider NuPlus             

·          Regenerating effect on:

                Adrenals                                Reproductive glands          Liver

                Liver                       Pancreas                              Nervous System

·          Helps to build up lean muscle tissue (the choice of athletes and bodybuilders)

·          Improved fat metabolism (provides glycogen so fat can be burned

·          Helps reduce cravings for unhealthy food; nourishes and satisfies

·          Increased stamina and energy

·          Aids in convalescence and speeds recovery

·          Quicker recovery from surgery

·          Promotes better use of all other nutrients

·          Promotes reduced cholesterol

·          Promotes clearer thinking and enhances concentration

·          Assists body-led healing of addictions and cravings for alcohol, cigarettes and recreational drugs

·          Allows reduced craving for unwholesome food

·          Assists with getting more nutritional benefit out of ordinary table foods

·          Improves ability to overcome unhealthy food addictions

·          Reduces the occurrence of mood swings

·          Quicker recuperation from stress

·          Better sleep

·          Relief from arthritis, asthma, PMS, high blood pressure

·          Coix fruit found effective in treating arthritis & joint disease in Japan

·          Increased endorphin levels in the brain (natural pain relief)

·          Relief from teething pain in infants

·          Helps babies sleep through the night (because of complex carbohydrates)

·          Raised seratonin levels in the brain in four days (relief of depression due to seratonin imbalance)

·          Raised dopamine levels in the brain in two to three weeks (relief of depression due to dopamine imbalance)

·          Assists in hormonal balancing, smoothes the teen, mid-life, and menopause years

·          Perfect for the entire family; formulated for pregnancy and growing children, wonderful for the elderly and those acutely ill or anyone who wants to feel great!!

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.  This information is provided for nutrition purposes only.  It is not intended to diagnose, prescribe or imply treatment.  If you have a medical condition, consult a physician.




How to Eat:


NuPlus is great to consume between or before meals.  Conveniently sized so it’s handy to take with you anywhere!   NuPlus powder can be eaten straight from the package, in water, juice or Calli and/or Fortune Delight.  Add Sunectar (Suncare in Canada) or SunnyDew (Suncare Plus in Canada) to taste.  Great added to smoothies, fruit or pasta salads, rice or soymilk, yogurt, cereal, baked goods, or any table food you like!  Eat a minimun of 2 scoops a day.  Many people eat 5 to 10 scoops a day!  

VitaShake or NuPuffs count as your daily NuPlus, if you enjoy those instead or in addition!




NUPLUS – Ingredients Summary


Traditional Uses

Coix Fruit

(Main ingredient in NuPlus).  Extremely regenerative; powerful anti-oxidant, restores energy; counters diarrhea; helps eliminate excess water; strengthens defense and nervous systems; lowers cholesterol, stabilizes blood sugar levels, reduces muscle tension; expels poisons; beautifies skin.

Yellow Bean


(Second ingredient in NuPlus)   Delays aging, eases menopause (has good, harmless plant estrogen); beneficial to weight management; fights fatigue; helps regulate blood sugar; strengthens the spleen; lessens indigestion; and lowers harmful LDL cholesterol without affecting beneficial HDL (soy compound genestein helps block formation of fatty plaques, reducing a risk of heart disease).  (NOTE:  - Dr. Chen does not use indigestible soy protein ISOLATE. – see notes below)  Dr. Chen soaks the beans to start the sprouting process, which increases the nutritional benefits of NuPlus.  The sprouting process allows more of the enzymes, vitamins and minerals to be digested, plus it eases digestion and helps eliminate excess gas.

Chinese Yam

Counters coughing; helps correct hormonal imbalance, helps reduce inflammation; strengthens kidneys, stomach, spleen, lungs, adrenal glands, and reproductive system.  (Dr. Chen will use only Chinese Yam since Mexican Yam contains saponin, which is medicinal and can be poisonous  Dr. Chen has warned us of this source, telling us that it is a steroid containing cortisone.)

Fox Nut

Helps relieve joint pains in legs and back, diarrhea, and chronic fever; increases energy.

Lotus Seed

Nourishes deficient spleen; strengthens heart and circulation; and helps peristalsis.

Lotus Root

Absorbs clots and bruises; stops bleeding; and aids in circulation

Water Lily Bulb

Benefits poor circulation; helps relieve joint pains, diarrhea, incontinence, thirst, dizziness, restlessness, chronic fever, and stomach disorders; increases energy and systemic balance.

Green Bean

Nourishes and strengthens the liver; helps reduce age spots

Red Bean

Nourishes and strengthens the heart.

Black Bean

Nourishes and strengthens the kidneys, reproductive system, and immune system.

White Bean

Nourishes and strengthens the kidneys and immune system; strengthens the pancreas; and helps to eliminate mucous.

Imperate root

Is highly nourishing; anti-inflammatory; anti-viral