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Sunrider Cruise 2010 Diana Walker

Sunrider Calli Tea, Diana Walker, interview with Trudy Stoelting 

Click here to listen to a 13-minute Audio Diana Walker interviewing Trudy - be sure to listen to a cute joke at the end - Trudy was invited to sit with Dr. Tei Fu Chen and other Sunriders from Canada at dinner on the Cruise:





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Of course, you can download the MP3 and listen on your MP3 player, if you prefer.  Audio is 35 minutes long.
ENJOY WITH US ---Sunrider Canada Leaders Diana Walker, Trudy Stoelting, Goldie Denise Caldwell - Sunrider Grand Convention 2009 in Anaheim, California with Sunrider USA Leaders and Sunrider International Leaders from around the world. 

Sunrider Products -- Drinking Sunrider Calli Tea, Sunrider Fortune Delight, with thousands of others from around the world.  Banquets, Dances, Tour of Sunrider, new Sunrider Products like new Sunrider Pearl Artesian Minteral Water, Tei Fu MetaShaper, Sunrider NuPlus equivalent of 2 packages in the new formula Apple Cinnamon NuPuffs, new delicious Chocolate and Fruit Sunrider Vitalite Sunbars.

Experience the fun and joy of learning together and partying with other Sunriders, all on this wonderful journey together.   Come and Join Us next year!
Diana Walker, Sunrider Group Leader,

CEO, Diana's Healthy Lifestyles   
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