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Becky, Sharon Farnsworth's Daughter


Becky, Sharon Farnsworth's Daughter

When Becky, my daughter, was about six years old, she was in a horrible automobile accident. The door window shattered and flew directly into her face. The thrust of the accident put her face in front of the shattering window.

Becky was taken immediately to the hospital where a plastic surgeon took most of the night – about six hours – to sew her face back together again. She had over 124 stitches in her little face. Her forehead looked like hamburger, with deep cuts twice across one eye, below the brow and the lid. Another “V” laceration shaped her cheek, and more little ones on her nose, mouth and many in her hair.

As I was traveling to Florida, building our Sunrider business, I was not home. 

Her father talked to me by phone and we decided to take the Sunectar, the dark Stevia product we have in Sunrider, and mix it with a small amount of distilled water in a spray bottle and spray her face several times a day with it.

Within three days, the plastic surgeon told us to use NeoSporan as well as Vitamin E oil and massage her face several times a day. Instead we used the Sunectar, as it is antiseptic.  As well, we had seen another little girl with a horrible burn scar on her leg use the Stevia or Sunectar straight on her scar and it had reduced it significantly. So Sunectar came to the rescue for two purposes.

Then instead of using Vitamin E oil, we used our newly introduced Kandesn Night Emulsion, as we knew it had Vitamin E oil and many other nutrients to nourish the skin. So we thought why not use it on these lacerations and stitches. Becky’s father or I performed this vigil several times a day until Becky felt she could do it herself.

In three months when we went back to the plastic surgeon to schedule a plastic surgery date, he wanted to know where was the little girl whose face he had stitched up earlier. He couldn’t believe what he saw with Becky, and thought she must be Shelly, our other daughter.

I remember him lifting her up on his table and asking, “Becky, is that really you?” She answered “Yes.” He couldn’t believe his eyes. We were told at the time of the accident that she would have to have at least three plastic surgeries. As of today, June 2002, she has had zero plastic surgeries. And I believe her face looks beautiful. Very little scarring is evident, unless she has been in the sun without a hat or sun screen.

2005 ....   As an addendum to this story, Becky is now twenty-one. She is now a Sunrider Director and has been accompanying her mother to Sunrider conventions for many years. When Dr. Chen introduced the Supreme Emulsion a few years ago, Becky put some on her face at night before bed. The next day as she sat in the convention listening to Dr. Chen talk, she happened to feel her forehead. It felt very prickly. Yes, prickly! There were little tiny shards of glass that the Supreme Emulsion was helping to exit her face and she could pull them out like slivers. Yes, she was pulling out slivers of red glass (covered with dried blood) from an accident that happened about fifteen years earlier. Is that an amazing product or what? Is Dr. Chen a genius, or what?

This is an amazing true story. When you get a chance to meet Becky, take a good look at her face. If you didn’t know this story, you would never suspect it had ever happened. We are grateful to Sunrider and to Doctors Chen for their expertise in giving us such life changing products.

The bottom line is that Becky’s face has very little scarring from a horrible accident. And Sunrider’s products and Kandesn made all the difference, while the plastic surgeon got cut out of three $15,000 plastic surgeries!

For a fraction of the cost, we achieved a better result without the cutting and whatever else they would have done for the plastic surgery. And that is to say nothing about the pain and trauma that would have happened to a little six year old girl.

Thank you Doctors Chen. The Farnsworth family will ever be grateful.


This article is for information purposes only and is separate from Sunrider International. It is not intended as medical advice. As with any medical problem, consult your physician.


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