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Does Sunrider Calli Tea have caffeine in it?

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xtraordinary Teas

Hundreds of thousands of tea and coffee drinkers now choose Calli and Fortune Delight as their daily drink of choice – and not just because they taste great – but because they contain concentrated herb foods with amazing benefits for the body. Individuals report that they experience numerous health benefits, including:

·         Increased clarity of mind

·         Increased energy

·         Improved weight management

·         Overcoming caffeine habits

·         Calmness and ability to handle stress

These teas are even good for your skin and beauty! Mademoiselle Magazine, May 1994 issue reports that: “Designer bottled water may have been replaced as the super model drink of choice. Models Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell and Karen Mulder are now carting around a health elixir called Sunrider Fortune Delight, which is packed with extracts of camellia, jasmine, chrysanthemum and lalang grass.”



hy All These Incredible Benefits From “Just” Teas?

The first important thing to remember about these teas is that they are not really teas, but rather highly concentrated food herbs that just happen to be dissolved in water. Modern nutritional science is just beginning to discover some of the amazing properties of whole foods and the magic of herbs.

                Sunrider teas are alkaline in nature. In an alkaline environment, impurities are less likely to be absorbed into the body during digestion. The concentrated foods in Calli and Fortune Delight have traditionally been known for thousands of years to nourish and balance the cells and glands associated with cleansing toxins from the body.

                Like carbon buildup in a car, toxins within the body inhibit proper functioning. If the major filter for toxins in the body – the liver – is overwhelmed, then it cannot properly deal with its many functions. These include: fat metabolism, (overweight), blood sugar regulation, (energy problems), cholesterol control, (heart disease), protein and hormone regulation. Some health practitioners attribute all health problems to some manifestation of toxins.

                Sunriders don’t necessarily understand why these teas work so well. They just know they feel better! Minneapolis Sunrider, Jerry Urbanak, had a remarkable change from using Calli. He went to the University of Minnesota to have his cholesterol checked and to test out a chemical for lowering cholesterol in a study sponsored by a drug company. His cholesterol was measured at 261. He postponed entering the study to give Sunrider foods a try. After a month of eating Nuplus, Quinary and drinking Calli morning, noon, and night, he went back to the university to have his cholesterol level rechecked. It had dropped to 191 – a drop of 70 points in one month! Since Jerry’s cholesterol level had dropped below 200, he could no longer be in the study, but he was not complaining! Jerry said he felt his body go through a physical transformation and experienced a profound effect in his health. A year later he is 13 pounds lighter, and still holding his lower cholesterol level!



oes Calli Have Caffeine In It?

Calli is such a great energizer, some people insist that it must have caffeine in it. Dr. Steven and Carol Smith, from Minneapolis, decided to put this concept to rest once and for all. They hired Ingram Laboratories, Inc. in Minneapolis to test Calli for caffeine. The lab followed the Food & Drug Act (FDA) caffeine, alkaloid procedures and reported they were not sure that there was any caffeine in Calli. Other alkaloids similar to coffee appear the same in the tests. The trace amounts of alkaloids that showed up in Calli (0.045ppm) are also found in much higher amounts in carrot juice, lettuce and peanut butter. Coffee contains 650 ppm of caffeine. Dr. Steven Smith’s comment on the caffeine is that if anything, the trace amounts might act in a homeopathic way to “stimulate a healing, stabilizing response.”




It has been seen that “catechins” in tea leaves can cause cancer cells to self-destruct. Catechins are contained within the tea tannins. Green tea has tannin at 12-13% while black tea has tannin at 6-7%. The problem is that tannin as a whole food is not good for us. Sunrider blends green and black tea together with many other herbs. The Sunrider formulation process decreases the ill effects of tannic acid and caffeine while increasing the concentration of the good catechins. These products are not processed the same as many of the other Sunrider herb products. The tea leaves are soaked at very specific temperatures for very specific amounts of time. They are not squeezed, but rather hung to drip. The time and temperature cycles are the secret in creating these most unique products. And although we cannot say that these beverages are caffeine free, we can say that you will never see the ill-effects of the small amount of caffeine, due to the balance and harmony of the ingredients and the results of the unique processing. Like the NuPlus, these beverages are extremely high in antioxidants, proven by measurement, with the high pressure liquid chromatography process (HPLC).

                Calli actually helps get you OFF caffeine! John Finnigan in his book, “Recovery From Addiction,” states: “The best and most remarkable formula I have seen for helping to free people from caffeine addiction is Calli tea. I have been amazed by the number of people who have told me that as soon as they began drinking Calli, they lost all craving for caffeine and were able to completely quit coffee and cola addictions with ease!” Finnigan explains that all addictions, whether caffeine or sugar or drugs, are related to a weakened or congested liver that cannot provide the proper energy to the body.



ncient Roots

The Shao Lin priests of China originally developed the Calli formula to help them concentrate during their long periods of meditation. The clearer, more focused thinking that it produces seems to come from improved body cleansing which is now considered the formula’s main benefit.

                The original Fortune Delight formula was made to help heal the internal injuries that were a result of martial arts fighting. It works on the muscles, tendons and ligaments and helps the kidneys remove toxins from the body.



raditional Know-How Preserved

Exquisite care is taken in the planting, harvesting, and creation of present-day Calli. Where many herbal teas are simply chopped up herbs in tea bags, such is not the case with Calli. First, the carrier leaf - the Camellia Leaf - is slowly dried, turned over and slowly dried the rest of the day. In a separate process, the various other herbal ingredients are extracted and concentrated. This concentration is sprayed on the carrier leaves, layer upon layer, one ingredient at a time. This complicated process brings you a herbal formula so concentrated, that one tea bag makes one to two quarts of tea, depending on how you like it.

                This same care is also taken in adding flower essences to Calli Fresh and Night Calli. Flower buds are carefully picked and then gently heated to open them up for maximum freshness. This allows you to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy as you are enjoying a hot steaming cup of these wonderful drinks!





ntioxidant And Much More

People concerned about the harsh effects of free radicals (related to cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and aging) must remember that a big source of free radicals is the body’s own manufacture of them during inefficient metabolism. Sunrider foods support the best antioxidant known – a healthy, balanced body, and nourish it with plant-based free radical fighters. One of the most powerful Sunrider formulas for this is Fortune Delight! And if you are also looking for a chlorophyll source, don’t forget that Fortune Delight contains brown chlorophyll, which is much more easily assimilated than green chlorophyll.



offee – North America’s Worst Drug Habit?

Many coffee drinkers, when they do not get their regular brew, experience powerful headaches, jitters and feelings of exhaustion. This is why many health practitioners have declared coffee a “drug habit.” (The body chemistry is dependant upon the stimulating effects of caffeine to function). Even if you don’t put yourself in this category, when you look at the other documented effects of coffee you have to wonder why you bother with the stuff. Research has proven that caffeine has induced the following disease patterns:

·         Bladder, pancreatic, renal, pelvic and ovarian cancer

·         Peptic ulcer, diarrhea

·         Increased fat retention

·         Low infant birth weight and premature birth

·         Increased blood pressure

·         Cholesterol and heart disease

·         Death (40 cups a day)

·         Stained teeth, bad breath

·         Reduced calcium, vitamins and minerals

Coffee contributes absolutely nothing to the total human body chemistry, but it can harm your liver, kidneys, heart, bladder, digestive tract, bones, teeth, skin, growing fetuses and new-borns – to name a few. It can cause weight gain and fat retention. It contains absolutely no nutrients, no vitamins, no minerals, but it does contain a deadly drug known as caffeine. Caffeine is a powerful stimulant and can produce insomnia, restlessness, anxiety, muscular tremors, and in some individuals, caffeine may cause deep mental depression.

The action of caffeine on the human heart is so stimulating and damaging that when a person has a heart attack, high blood pressure, kidney or bladder disturbance, normally their physician will prohibit any coffee or caffeine.

Most people have wanted to get away from coffee, but they were not able to until they received the balancing effects of Calli and Fortune Delight.



re All Herb Teas The Same?

Certainly not! Keith McBride of Utah states: “I first sipped Calli over ten years ago. It didn’t taste like any herb tea I’d ever experienced. That was just it – Calli had flavor! In fact, Calli makes other teas taste bland.”

                Maybe you have seen those herbal teas you can buy in health food or grocery stores. Although most of these teas have interesting names and tastes, most of them are just flavored water with little or no nutritional benefits. Although many people drink these teas, do you know of a single person whose health has been significantly changed from them? On the other hand, there are thousands of people whose lives have changed dramatically by introducing Calli or Fortune Delight herbal tea into their diet. This is because Calli and Fortune Delight supply concentrated herbs. You are actually getting a lot of nutrition when you dissolve these herbs into “tea.”

                The other herbal teas you may find in a store are made of strong medicinal herbs. These should be used with caution. Medicinal herbs like medicinal drugs, can have powerful side effects. For example: The Townsend Letter For Doctors (May 1995) reported the death of individuals using a weight loss tea (Laci Le Beau Super Dieter’s Tea). That is a horrible price to pay for some quick weight loss! Townsend Newsletter concluded that: “This was what might be expected from a product that contained herbs known to have diuretic, stimulant and laxative effects.”

                Sunrider, being food-grade rather than medicinal-grade herbs, has none of these harsh or dangerous effects. Not only have thousands been enjoying Sunrider teas for over 17 years with only positive benefits, but also the original Chinese formulas have been used safely for over 5,000 years!



unrider Teas Are Great!

Take It From the following……

Gail Holder, Winnipeg: “I used to walk around in a daze. Everyone always knew where I was by 9 pm – they could find me asleep on the couch. After receiving a box of Fortune Delight as a gift, no one could ever find me anymore – I was off somewhere telling someone about my new health. It was like someone lifted a veil from my eyes. Suddenly I was more aware – more awake.”

                Arlene Bohn, Winnipeg: “I came to a health lecture, drank three cups of Calli and went home to have my first good night’s sleep in months!”

                Rob Cooper, Edmonton: “My life has been completely changed from Sunrider. I once weighed 450 pounds. I reduced to a healthy 187 pounds…and Calli got me started! My sleep improved, my digestion improved, and I discovered I hadn’t had an ounce of pop since my first cup of Calli.”

Dale Zeilki, Edmonton: "I am a national class skier who loves the energy and other nutritional benefits of the Sunrider foods. But the biggest benefit I gain for my training is the ability to intensely focus. Calli gives me the focus and concentration that keeps my edge.”



elax With Night Calli

For those of you who have too much stress in your life, there is a Night Calli which contains special herbs to nourish and balance the nervous system. Don’t just drink it at night though – it’s good for you the whole day too! It won’t put you to sleep at work, and you will be calm yet alert! During the day, you can try the Calli Fresh which also is related to relaxation but has the added “freshness” for the day.  Other Calli flavors include: Regular, Peppermint, and Cinnamon. Fortune Delight flavors include: Lemon, Cinnamon, Regular, Raspberry and Peach.



rewing Tips For Calli & Fortune Delight

Do not use boiling water and do not microwave (this destroys the live enzymes). Leave the Calli bag in for 2 to 5 minutes and then take the bag out to remove formation of any bitter taste from the tea leaves. Do not use the Calli bag a second time as the nutrition is dissolved from the carrier leaves during the first “steeping.”  Dissolve Fortune Delight in hot water, using 4 to 6 cups. Try both Calli and Fortune Delight iced – they’re delicious. Remember first to dissolve the Fortune Delight powder in a small amount of hot water (it dissolves better in hot water) then add cold water.


Prepared by an independent Sunrider distributor as nutritional information only.


This article is for information purposes only and is separate from Sunrider International. It is not intended as medical advice. As with any medical problem, consult your physician.


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