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Calli and Fortune Delight
Sunrider Calli Tea Fortune Delight

Calli and Fortune Delight - Extraordinary Teas

Hundreds of thousands of tea and coffee drinkers now choose Calli and Fortune Delight as their daily drink of choice – and not just because they taste great – but because they contain concentrated herb foods with amazing benefits for the body. Individuals report that they experience numerous health benefits, including:

·   Increased clarity of mind

·   Increased energy

·   Improved weight management

·   Overcoming caffeine habits

·   Calmness and ability to handle stress

These teas are even good for your skin and beauty! Mademoiselle Magazine, May 1994 issue reports that: “Designer bottled water may have been replaced as the super model drink of choice. 

Models Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell and Karen Mulder are now carting around a health elixir called Sunrider Fortune Delight, which is packed with extracts of camellia, jasmine, chrysanthemum and lalang grass.”

Why All These Incredible Benefits From “Just” Teas?

The first important thing to remember about these teas is that they are not really teas, but rather highly concentrated food herbs that just happen to be dissolved in water. Modern nutritional science is just beginning to discover some of the amazing properties of whole foods and the magic of herbs.

*  Sunrider teas are alkaline in nature. In an alkaline environment, impurities are less likely to be absorbed into the body during digestion. The concentrated foods in Calli and Fortune Delight have traditionally been known for thousands of years to nourish and balance the cells and glands associated with cleansing toxins from the body.

*  Like carbon buildup in a car, toxins within the body inhibit proper functioning. If the major filter for toxins in the body – the liver – is overwhelmed, then it cannot properly deal with its many functions. These include: fat metabolism, (overweight), blood sugar regulation, (energy problems), cholesterol control, (heart disease), protein and hormone regulation. Some health practitioners attribute all health problems to some manifestation of toxins.

*   Sunriders don’t necessarily understand why these teas work so well. They just know they feel better! Minneapolis Sunrider, Jerry Urbanak, had a remarkable change from using Calli. He went to the University of Minnesota to have his cholesterol checked and to test out a chemical for lowering cholesterol in a study sponsored by a drug company. His cholesterol was measured at 261. He postponed entering the study to give Sunrider foods a try. After a month of eating Nuplus, Quinary and drinking Calli morning, noon, and night, he went back to the university to have his cholesterol level rechecked. It had dropped to 191 – a drop of 70 points in one month! Since Jerry’s cholesterol level had dropped below 200, he could no longer be in the study, but he was not complaining! Jerry said he felt his body go through a physical transformation and experienced a profound effect in his health. A year later he is 13 pounds lighter, and still holding his lower cholesterol level!

Does Calli Have Caffeine In It?

Calli is such a great energizer, some people insist that it must have caffeine in it. Dr. Steven and Carol Smith, from Minneapolis, decided to put this concept to rest once and for all. 
They hired Ingram Laboratories, Inc. in Minneapolis to test Calli for caffeine. The lab followed the Food & Drug Act (FDA) caffeine, alkaloid procedures and reported they were not sure that there was any caffeine in Calli. Other alkaloids similar to coffee appear the same in the tests. The trace amounts of alkaloids that showed up in Calli (0.045ppm) are also found in much higher amounts in carrot juice, lettuce and peanut butter. Coffee contains 650 ppm of caffeine. Dr. Steven Smith’s comment on the caffeine is that if anything, the trace amounts might act in a homeopathic way to “stimulate a healing, stabilizing response.”


It has been seen that “catechins” in tea leaves can cause cancer cells to self-destruct. Catechins are contained within the tea tannins. Green tea has tannin at 12-13% while black tea has tannin at 6-7%. The problem is that tannin as a whole food is not good for us. Sunrider blends green and black tea together with many other herbs. The Sunrider formulation process decreases the ill effects of tannic acid and caffeine while increasing the concentration of the good catechins. These products are not processed the same as many of the other Sunrider herb products. 
The tea leaves are soaked at very specific temperatures for very specific amounts of time. They are not squeezed, but rather hung to drip. The time and temperature cycles are the secret in creating these most unique products. And although we cannot say that these beverages are caffeine free, we can say that you will never see the ill-effects of the small amount of caffeine, due to the balance and harmony of the ingredients and the results of the unique processing. Like the NuPlus, these beverages are extremely high in antioxidants, proven by measurement, with the high pressure liquid chromatography process (HPLC).
Calli actually helps get you OFF caffeine! John Finnigan in his book, “Recovery From Addiction,” states: “The best and most remarkable formula I have seen for helping to free people from caffeine addiction is Calli tea. I have been amazed by the number of people who have told me that as soon as they began drinking Calli, they lost all craving for caffeine and were able to completely quit coffee and cola addictions with ease!” Finnigan explains that all addictions, whether caffeine or sugar or drugs, are related to a weakened or congested liver that cannot provide the proper energy to the body.