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Denny's Story

“From Chronic Fatigue to the Portland Marathon
Goldie Denise  – Sunrider Story


Motherhood is a balancing act.  Women juggle so many responsibility balls that it’s nearly impossible to keep everything together.   It takes time, but eventually something’s got to give.  


In my case, it started with my health, then everything starting tumbling down.  


All my life I have been interested in health.   I was faithful to a healthy lifestyle until the mid 1990's when I became a working mother with two children, made no time for myself and then finally everything started falling apart.    


I was tired ALL the time.   I started eating for energy but nothing seemed to satisfy or provide the energy that eluded me . . . all I got was fatter.  


Besides being chronically fatigued and overweight, I was hypoglycemic, had allergies and my immune system was struggling.   Year round I caught colds and flus and had chronic bladder infections.   In winter things would get worse and I would come down with sinus infections, bronchitis and pneumonia.  

I had asked my primary care doctor why I was tired all the time, and his response was, "Well, you're a working Mom."   He said everything in my blood work looked great, I was "healthy" and that was that.   However, I had to wonder . . . ‘Then why do I feel so lousy?’   I was becoming sick and tired of being sick and tired.


Then, in December of 1997 my sister, Diana Walker, came for a visit and told me about Sunrider.  She taught me about whole live foods to help my body regenerate.  

It made sense to me.


I started to include Sunrider whole foods in my diet and noticed I lost my cravings for junk food and coffee.  My energy started to increase and I started to lose weight.

I decided to add more Sunrider whole foods to my diet and noticed accelerated regeneration!   Amazingly, I no longer suffered from allergy symptoms, colds, the flu, sinus infections, bronchitis, or pneumonia.   My hypoglycemia has become a thing of the past, as has my chronic bladder infections.   I was thrilled with the results.   My immune system is alive and well again!   I am so grateful to my sister for sharing with me.


My favorite result was that I finally had energy to spare!   With this extra energy, I could exercise again, and in October of 1999 I actually walked the Portland Marathon!   I am so proud of myself.   Through all this, my dress size went from a size 16 to a size 6.   Although my focus was on gaining optimum health, becoming naturally slender was an amazing side-effect!

The concentrated nutrition brought my body back into balance.   I found it easy to pass up the junk food and make healthy table food choices.  


When I was so fatigued all the time I missed out on a lot of life.   Now, with my body feeling strong and balanced, I enjoy vibrant health and extra energy!  I really enjoy my life, I’m a better mother to my girls, and I’m better able to serve others.  What can be better than that?