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Q1 Quinary (and Liqui-Five)


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QUINARY (and Liqui-Five) – Comprehensive Basic Food

Nourish the systems of the body, and create Balance




Please refer to individual Formulas – Alpha 20C, Assimilaid, Conco, Lifestream, Prime Again




The root word “Quin” means five and Quinary is a combination of 5 different formulas. 

The names of the food formulas Dr. Chen created to help nourish the systems of the body are as follows:


            Quinary Formula:



 Alpha 20C

Defense System (Immune)


 Assimilaid (A.D. in Canada)

Digestive System



Respiratory System


 Lifestream (L.S. in Canada)

Circulatory System


 Prime Again (P.A. in Canada).

Endocrine System



Quinary nourishes all 5 systems.  It nourishes and keeps the energy flow and the balance of “IN” and “OUT” for all systems in harmony.  This flow between the systems is where quality of life and longevity are centered.  If you could remember only one thing about Quinary, it would be the word BALANCE.  Quinary nourishes the systems of the body to create Balance, or Harmony, in the body.


Based on thousands of years of research and centuries-old formulas, Quinary and Liqui-Five (liquid “nectar” form) are designed to nourish and to strengthen the function of the five major “life-support” systems and keep them functioning in harmony with each other.  Quinary and Liqui-Five also feed the organs, promoting energy flow throughout the body.  Quinary/Liqui-Five are made up of over 50 food-grade herbs, from five individual formulas, and are designed to be eaten every day to keep the body’s five major “life-support” systems strong. 



Suggested Amounts:


To use a packet of Quinary powder with every meal is ideal.  For convenience you might take the number of capsules you want and can afford, but take the same number with each meal.


How to Eat Quinary

1-3 powder packets per day is highly recommended to keep organs and systems strong!  Eat more at the first sign of body weakness, even during the night.  Quinary powder is the most popular form of Quinary.  It dissolves instantly in liquid, or can be eaten straight from the packet.  Many prefer to mix their Quinary together with their Nuplus and Calli, a nutritious combination called a “SUNPACK IN A MUG”.  Or, Quinary may be added to smoothies or other foods for a great taste.  Also available in capsules.


How to Eat Liqui-Five

Liqui-Five (liquid form in vials) is even more effective because of its quicker assimilation and it contains more immune-system food.  Vials may be re-capped and sipped on as desired throughout the day.  It is delicious in tart juices.  Liqui-Five is Dr. Chen’s personal favorite, and he regularly drinks a vial and follows it with a Sunrise vial for an energy boost!


To speed up regeneration, first feed all five systems, and then you can nourish your weakened system(s) by extra nourishing specifically with one or more of the individual formulas.  You can eat unlimited capsules daily from any of the formulas without concern of overdoing it.   Your body will tell you its needs. (10 Quinary capsules = 1 Quinary powder packet = 1 Liqui-Five vial).  This is terrific whole-food nourishment!



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