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J. W. Emerson has studied the body for over 50 years. He has a background in Chemistry and Health Education. He has helped thousands of people regain and maintain their health. His philosophy has been when the body works harmoniously through right nutrition, we experience vitality, clear thinking, good humor and an overall sense of well being.

Educational information: Degree in Health, Physical Education from Pittsburg State University, Pittsburg, KS. Minor in Chemistry.

Extremely successful 40 year football coaching career on the high school and university levels. (High schools in Missouri, Kansas and Oklahoma and at Kansas State University). Taught Chemistry.

His favorite saying - "Every time you eat, you participate in your own destiny."

Married to Lois Emerson for 50 years. Two sons and one daughter..all grown. Five grandchildren from ages 5 to 24. J.W. is 74 years of age.  Note:  in 2017 - AGE 86 !

Hobbies/interests: golf, reading, hiking, family, swing dancing, watching sports.

Began his study of the body at the cellular level in the mid-60s when Lois’s body began to experience pain and systemic changes. The Healthy Lifestyle Nutritional Seminar is the culmination of 30 years of study of the body at the cellular level, the importance of the sodium/potassium balance and the lymphatic system, among other truths about food and the body’s ability to function properly.


Majored in Business Administration at Pittsburg State University. Worked in the field of business before becoming involved with Sunrider International and the herbal food business. In her early 30’s began experiencing imbalances, pain, systemic changes and could not get relief from the medical field. After 23 years of searching and making major diet changes, her husband found the Sunrider herbal nutrition. Fifteen years later, it is evident that the body is indeed a miracle if you will give it the proper nutrition so that it can come back into balance. Age 70.  
NOTE:  Now in 2017 Lois is age 82 !

Interests: Reading, ballet, swing dancing, riding, spending time with family, interacting with the grandchildren, cooking, hiking. Has a passion for helping people help themselves to find balance in all areas of their lives. Favorite saying: "Leave love in your footsteps."

J.W. and Lois have worked together in the Sunrider business for 18 years.  NOTE: Now in 2017 it is 30 years!

Received from Bill DeKramer February 11, 2005

Diana Walker, Sunrider Group Director


Photos below:  
1.  2009   JW Emerson, Diana Walker, Lois Emerson at Sunrider Convention
2.  2014   JW and Lois Emerson