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S8 Sunny Fresh
Sunrider Sunny Fresh Sore Throats


SUNNY FRESH – for Throats, Coughs, Respiratory System




Loquat, Fennel, Radish, Asparagus Root, Snakegourd Fruit, Codonopsis Root, Chrysanthemum Flower, Almond Extract, Menthol, Mint Herb Extract, Peppermint Oil, Cassia Oil, Clove Oil




Sunny Fresh is a delicious mint, liquid extract designed to soothe and invigorate the mouth, throat, and upper respiratory tract (promoting freer breathing).  It contains 20% honey, compared to most loquat cough syrups, which contain 70% honey.  Helps clear phlegm from the throat, bronchioles, and lungs and allows easier breathing.  This skin and throat food is very rich in antioxidants, so will also nourish the tissues throughout the entire body.  Sunny Fresh is extremely beneficial for regeneration.  Known to stop a cough when taken straight from the vial or diluted with water.  Also found effective to relieve food poisoning.  Sunny Fresh is great for singers and public speakers, or those who just like to talk!



Success Story


Christine was 8 years old.  She had a serious sinus infection that had not cleared up for over 6 months.  The doctor had her on massive doses of antibiotics, but these were not helping.  Her mother decided to try the Sunny Fresh.  After just 10 days (10 vials of Sunny Fresh), the sinus infection cleared up.



      Sunny Fresh was an ancient formula used by some of the Chinese, historically.  There was one particular group that had this formula and consumed or ate Sunny Fresh themselves.  They had a reputation of having the most beautiful women.  Others  would try and capture these women, because of their rare beauty.  
       Some of the benefits of eating Sunny Fresh for us today is that it is great for the throat.  It soothes a sore throat, helps with laryngitis or voice loss.  It really helps with the singing voice, helping to clear mucous out of the throat and sinuses. 
       One of our distributors, Saturday told her experience since eating Sunny Fresh, that she has increased her range of high and low notes, since she has been drinking Sunny Fresh daily.  She sings with a choir, that just recently toured Russia.
       It also is great for coughs, as it acts like a natural cough syrup, helping with the tickle in the throat.  It also helps break up the mucous in the bronchioles and lungs.  It is very soothing to the throat, lungs and bronchioles, I have found.
       Some other benefits I have found is that it really helps clear mucous out of the entire respiratory system.  If I have a cough or sore throat, I like to sip on it in warm water.  Or even just straight, and not drink or eat anything after it, so it can soothe the vocal cords.  It is truly amazing how really affective it is.  And I don't have to buy the over the counter cough medicine.  Not only is it good for me as an adult, but was a great blessing for my children when they were growing up to have Sunny Fresh for colds, coughs, flus and congestion.
       Along with rubbing their chest with diluted Sun Breeze and hand and body lotion, I also liked them to sip on Sunny Fresh.
       An herbal beverage flavored with delicious mint extract for a crisp, cool Taste.  Invigorates the mouth and the throat and freshens the breath.  Ancient Chinese believed that many of the herb food components found in this formula offer additional nutritional support and enhances the skin's natural beauty.
       Many singers in our area really enjoy the benefits of eating Sunny Fresh.  I have many professional teachers here in Utah who have it for their students to use when practicing and performing.  One of our distributors spoke of how when they pay big bucks to rent a recording studio, that they all eat the Sunny Fresh, so their voice is at its very best, and they don't have to waste time and money redoing their recordings.  Their voice is always its very best, when Sunny Fresh is consumed before and during the recording event. They can complete the recording much faster, therefore saving money on the rental of the studio.
       Next time you place your order with SR, don't forget to order Sunny Fresh.  It is always good to have on hand.  When it is cold and flu season, it really is a great product to have in your cupbord to use for all of life's little emergencies.  Try it, I think you will like it.    Enthusiastically, Sharon Farnsworth


How to Eat:


Comes in a 10-pack of .5 fluid ounce bottles.  Delicious, children love them.  Drink 1 or more vials as desired.



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