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A2 Alpha 20C Sunrider
Immune System natural herbs Sunrider
ALPHA 20C – Food for the Immune (Defense) System
1. Ingredients  (Note that Alpha 20C is one of the 5 formulas making up Quinary)
Chinese White Flower, Paris Herb, Scutellaria Herb, Dandelion, Imperate Root.

2. Description

The herbs contain naturally occurring antioxidants and calcium.  Alpha 20C gets its name from what it promotes: T Cells (the 20th letter of the alphabet being “T” and “C” standing for cells).  This food nourishes the immune system through the bone marrow, liver and adrenals.  Eaten throughout the day, along with Conco and Sunrider’s Goldenseal, promotes a strong immune response to environmental attacks. 
Alpha 20C has a delicious “mocha” taste, and can be eaten as is, or added to any Sunrider food. Available in capsules, powder packets (1 powder packet = 10 capsules) or powder in bulk canisters (1 canister = approx. 600 capsules).
3.  Major Organs Fed: - Liver, Gallbladder and Thymus
4.  In Ancient China, a similar formula was used to:
·          Build the Immune System
·          Strengthen the T-Cells that are important in fighting infections and controlling the growth of dangerous and destructive, extraneous cells, such as in cysts and tumors
·          Reduce vulnerability to viral and bacterial infections, as well as parasites and yeast overgrowth.
·          Detoxify the body and help expel fever and illness
·          Improve liver functions.
5. Some Signs of Imbalance:
Tumors and cysts: frequent, persistent infections; painful, swollen glands; drainage from eyes and ears.
6.  Suggested Amounts:
It is suggested that you start out with the Quinary.  Individual formulas that nourish the individual systems may be added and eaten separately, or can be eaten all together in Quinary capsules, powder or Liqui-Five (liquid vials).  For a weak system, eat extra Alpha 20C: 10 capsules a day, for 10 days or longer, for dramatic results; then 2-4 capsules/day for ongoing maintenance.
Alpha 20C® 
Alpha 20C® is designed to address the body's defense system with herbs that contain naturally occurring antioxidants, calcium and fortifying properties. * Of these, licorice, chrysanthemum flower and cassia tora have been confirmed by recent studies as having beneficial bioactive components that address the immune system.* These herbs have been used separately for 3000 years as part of the Chinese herbal pharmacy and are now being studied by scientists and receiving positive reinforcement of their beneficial properties.
* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.