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Electrosport Minerals
Sunrider product instead of Sports Drinks

Electrosport is an easy way to get your minerals.  We hear about making sure we get vitamins, but minerals and trace minerals are vitally important, and should be remembered. 

Replacement for Sport Drinks, and Electrolyte and Mineral needs of the body

Diana Walker's recommendation - mix 1 vial of Electrosport Minerals with 2 quarts of water and ice cubes.

Be sure to add   Sunrider Fortune Delight and Evergreen and  Stevia

I love the Sunrider Electrosport - particularly in summer when it is hot and I'm dehydrated, this gives me a boost in energy and I can tolerate the heat better.


When the body is put through physical stress, it is depleted of minerals and water, especially when there is profuse perspiration. Electrosport® is an exclusively formulated supplement that is ideal for use after a strenuous workout or physically taxing activity.

This concentrated herbal fluid replacement, when diluted with water, quickly helps to rehydrate the body.* Electrosport® includes 10 important minerals, including selenium.

Unlike retail brands, it does not contain sugar, preservatives, or artificial ingredients.

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