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V4  Vitalite Sunbar


2 =  Meal Replacement

- Excellent Energy Bar!  
- Excellent for Colon Health! 




Available in Fruit and Cocoa Flavors.  The Fruit Vitalite Sunbar’s ingredients include:  Whole Soy Protein Nuggets, Fructooligosaccharide (equivalent benefit of 1.5 Vitadophilus), Apple and Pineapple Juices, Bananas, Strawberries, Almonds, Mangos, Honey, Lycii Fruit Concentrate, Chinese Asparagus Root Concentrate, Coix Fruit Concentrate, Soy Bean Oil, Psyllium Seed Powder, Wheat Germ Oil, Tocopherol, Chinese Yam, Fox Nut, Lotus Seed, Lotus Root, Waterlily Bulb and Imperate Root. 


Serving Size: 1 bar (30 grams)  Each Vitalite Sunbar contains:


Calories  115

Fat Calories  25

Sugars  7.5 grams

Protein  7.5 grams

Total Fat   3 grams

Saturated Fat  .75 grams

Cholesterol   0 mg

Sodium   133 mg

Total Carb.  15 grams

Dietary Fiber  4 grams

Vitamin A  0%

Vitamin C  2%

Calcium  3%

Iron  10%




The usual choices in energy bars are high in fat, sodium, excito-toxins, and/or sugars (sugar and corn sweeteners).   Other energy bars usually contain Isolated Soy Protein, which can be very hard on the body (see details under NuPlus).  The Vitalite Sunbar is full of wholesome ingredients – whole soy protein, Regular NuPlus, nuts, FOS fiber and freeze-dried fruits.


It contains 4 grams of plant fiber (15% daily requirement) from soluble (digestible), life-giving FOS extract from Chicory Root and from psyllium seed powder (a digestive aid) – equivalent to the fiber content of 5 carrots or 8 bananas or 2 heads of lettuce!  FOS helps in digestion, absorbs fats, stimulates growth of the good bacteria, such as Acidophilus, Bifidus, and Faecium, helps reduce Candida Albicans, minimizes bloating, reduces LDL or bad cholesterol (without negatively affecting the HDL or good cholesterol), and triglycerides, helps suppress the appetite, and helps mediate the assimilation of carbohydrates over a long period of time (helping blood sugar levels).


FOS makes an intestinal environment to support the “good guys” and eliminate the “bad guys”!  It takes about 15 days consistent eating FOS to start making a significant difference in the colon.  If one should notice any gas – increase fluids, eat smaller amounts of the bar at a time, and know that the FOS is working to clean and restore a healthy intestinal tract; your body will normalize soon!

Note that the fiber in Vitalite SunBars is included in three types:  SOLUBLE – works like a sponge, absorbing fats and toxins;  INSOLUBLE – works like a broom sweeping our intestines;  SEMI-SOLUBLE – works like jelly, softening the intestinal waste.

The Vitalite SunBar also contains Lycii Fruit and Chinese Asparagus Root, found in Sunrise, noted for energy and physical strength (see Sunrise).  Note:  Dr. Tei Fu Chen says that Sunrise is for longevity and youthfulness.



Summary of Benefits


·          Great for Colon Health – High Fiber
  -  (15% Daily Fiber requirement)

·          Complete Meal Replacement

·          Protein – 15% daily need

·          Energy

·          Only 115 calories, perfect for weight-management

·          Ready-to-go

·          Fills Nutritional Needs

·          Healthy Snack


Suggested Amounts


Available in boxes of 10  – choice of Fruit or Cocoa Flavors.  Eat 1 or more Vitalite Sunbars daily.  There is the equivalent of 1/2 Serving of NuPlus in each Vitalite-Sunbar.  Eight ounces of fluid (Calli, Fortune Delight or water) is recommended with each bar.



 Do the Comparisons  
Vitalite® SunBar® Other Brands



Based on the NuPlus® and Sunrise® formulas, Vitalite® Sunbar® is a convenient snack bar that's easy to digest and a good source of energy. Our delicious Vitalite® Sunbar® contains 15g of concentrated soy protein, 8g of dietary fiber in a blend of herbs, nuts, grains and freeze-dried fruits.

The unique herbal formulation based on owner expertise makes Vitalite® Sunbar® a superior choice to other meal-replacement bars on the market. Other bar formulations are often just a simple mixture of sugar, vitamins and chemically processed or animal-based protein powder.

However, the natural vitamins and minerals in our Vitalite® Sunbar® are bound to an herbal whole food base during our special manufacturing process so your body will absorb the nutrients as it digests.
When you don't have time to eat right or want to lose weight, Vitalite® SunBar® makes the perfect choice. It's available in two tempting flavors: Chocolate and Fruit. Our Vitalite® SunBar® is tasty, healthy, and an easy way to introduce Sunrider.

Recommendations: Eat one bar to replace a meal. For best results drink plenty of Sunrider® beverages such as Fortune Delight®, Calli® or water.

Eat one bar as an in-between meal snack. This is also a great bar to consume before or after workouts for energy.
Vitalite® SunBar®

  • Superior herbal formula contains wholesome ingredients such as dried fruits, nuts, asparagus root and psyllium, which assists the body’s natural elimination process.
  • A good source of dietary fiber, which is essential to proper digestion.
  • A complete, energy-filled snack for those on the go.
  • Unique product formulation based on owner's expertise so nutrients are better absorbed.
  • Contains natural soy protein similar to super-concentrated tofu.
  • Other Brands

  • Often use highly processed, cheap ingredients such as bleached flour, saturated fats and artificial flavorings, which can slow the body’s elimination process.
  • Often low in fiber and too high in refined sugar, which can slow the digestive process.
  • Provide only empty calories that do not meet the nutritional requirements of a complete meal.
  • Have generic formulations so nutrients are not easily absorbed.
  • Protein may be chemically processed or animal-based.


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