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Sunrider Vitataste Stops Sugar Cravings



Vitataste is a Concentrated Food in a capsule  

Vitataste is a concentrated food (juiced Chinese food herbs)  in a capsule.

Vitataste helps with Cravings, so people are not so addicted to things they shouldn't be eating.  


How do we use it? Well, just swallowing two capsules once, twice or three times a day can boost the body's ability to slow down or not have the cravings.  


It is very effective to swallow two capsules before you indulge in that ice cream, or pie or whatever sweet you are eating.  It will ease the burden of the pancreas to work to metabolize the sweet.  


So if you are going to cheat and eat a dessert or something, take two capsules before you eat it, if you can remember.  If you forgot, then take it after you eat the sweet.  The sooner the better after indulging.  When taken in this manner, it helps the negative effects of eating the sweet on the body's metabolism.



The Vitataste Test:


This is great for the person that is addicted to candy or chocolate or sweet desserts, which is so common. 


1.  You get some candy or chocolate.  


2.  Eat some of your favorite "delicious" candy or chocolate.


3.  Break open a Vitataste capsule.


4.  Sprinkle the contents of the Vitataste capsule on a spoon.


5.  Put the Vitataste into your mouth - keep it on the tongue, in the mouth, don't swallow it.


6.  Time yourself - 45 seconds later you can swallow it.


7.  After the time is up, swallow the herbs.  Follow this up with water, or Fortune Delight or Calli to wash the taste out of your mouth.


8.  Eat more candy or chocolate.


Sugar and Chocolate taste disgusting after Vitataste


This is fun doing this at a trade show or in a group of people --  everyone experiences disgust as they again eat what they are addicted to.  


If it is chocolate, you will usually want to spit it out as it tastes so terrible.  So have a napkin, paper towel or garbage can handy to spit the disgusting tasting chocolate in.  


Often it will taste like eating lard or grease.  You can taste the fat, which is gross, and nothing else.  Sugar tastes like eating sand.  No sweetness to it at all.


This way of demonstrating sends a message to the brain, that the food you thought was so good, chocolate, sugar or tobacco, really isn't tasty any more.  


It is not pleasurable to eat sugary, fatty, salty foods any longer.  


So then the brain has a negative experience with the very thing you are addicted to or feel you can't live without.   You remember how awful it tasted, and you are not craving it, like before. This is great to do at a Sunrider meeting, as it gets attention, and people don't forget it.


You can start on the NBC foods (Nourish, Balance, Cleanse

These are:  – Nuplus, QuinaryCalli / Fortune Delight) which all work well with cravings.


If you are in a hurry to stop the negative behaviour, then purchase the Vitataste.   It really does help with the craving.


Try it and see.  Especially if you have a problem or someone you know has a problem craving foods or products that are fattening and hard on the body, and you really want some help with quitting or cutting back. 


Broccoli and Celery taste great

After you have eaten the Vitataste, you eat broccoli or celery and it still tastes good.


It is great for people who also want to lose fat and lose cravings for fatty foods, as sugar is most often combined with fat of some nature.  It even helps with salt cravings.  Salt in fact tastes way, way too salty.


Vitataste helps with the Cravings, so people are not so addicted to things they shouldn't be eating.  



Vitataste – Behavioral Modification Product


Vitataste is a behavioral modification product.  It nourishes the pancreas and adrenal glands.  When they are nourished, then the body seems to have more strength or willpower, to resist or not crave, whatever one is craving: 


This helps both with reducing cravings, and also helps the body work better.


What do people crave or get addicted to?

Sugar, and sugar-laden products.  Caffeine in Cola drinks, Tobacco, Alcohol, and medicines and/or drugs, meaning recreational drugs.

Vitataste is a stronger concentration of some of the herb plants in NuPlus. So often when people eat NuPlus, it helps nourish the body and helps reduce the cravings, in a slower time frame. 

SUNRIDER VITATASTE PDF FILE:  https://dianawalker.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/04/Sunrider_Vitataste_Stop_Cravings_US_ProdFactSheet_Diana-Walker.pdf

Vitataste helps with Cravings, so people are not so addicted to things they shouldn't be eating.  


VITATASTE – Formula for Cravings




Lycii Fruit, Ho-Shou Wu, Coix Fruit, Lotus Seed, Lotus Root, Waterlily Bulb, Imperate Root, Fox Nut




VitaTaste is a Behavior Modification Food.  VitaTaste promotes life-giving tastes.  It is a unique formulation to nourish the pancreas and adrenal glands.  It nourishes the body to overcome the cravings for sugar, drugs, alcohol, smoking, overeating, unhealthfy food, etc.  This unique food herb concentrate is formulated with special ingredients that inhibit the taste of sugar, assisting you to focus on nutrition rather than taste.  Anything that has sugar in it will taste like sawdust!  Vitataste is very nutritious in and of itself, with many of the same food herbs as found in NuPlus.  VitaTaste also helps to balance the blood sugar and assist the body’s proper assimilation of sugar.


Eating VitaTaste before meals will help the body withdraw from sugar and fats, changing the taste of the food and the body’s response.  Imagine putting negative substances like alcohol, cigarettes and sugar in the mouth and having them taste terrible! 


Benefits & Uses


·          Decreased craving for sugar

·          Restoration of normal mechanisms of appetite regulation

·          Increased stability of blood sugar level

·          Nourishes the body to overcome the cravings for drugs, alcohol, smoking, overeating, unhealthy food, etc.

·          Nourishes pancreas and adrenal glands


How to Eat


Eat VitaTaste capsules as needed to stop cravings.  In case of severe addictions, eat lots often!  The more pleasant way to benefit from VitaTaste is to swallow the capsules!


VitaTaste Test (Great to demonstrate to your friends!)


·          Empty contents of capsule onto tongue.  It tastes like alfalfa.

·          Let the herbs sit in the mouth for about 45 seconds.

·          Swallow the herbs

·          Rinse with Fortune Delight or Calli

·          Wait a minute or two

·          Now, go ahead…try to eat sweets; the experience will no longer be pleasurable!!

·          NOTE: - this experience will continue for 2 to 4 hours.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.  This information is provided for nutrition purposes only.  It is not intended to diagnose, prescribe or imply treatment.  If you have a medical condition, consult a physician.

Sunrider VitaTaste®
VitaTaste® is an all-natural herbal concentrate and dietary supplement that helps inhibit the taste of sugar.* 
It is an ideal product to use during demonstrations to show the effectiveness and immediate results of Sunrider's herbal concentrates. 
There is virtually nothing on the marketplace that can compare with this product, an excellent example of owner expertise, unique and exclusive formulation. 
When you do the comparisons, you can honestly say Sunrider is so advanced that there is nothing out there to compare with VitaTaste®.


Canada:  https://home.sunrider.com/dianawalker/product/219/2205111

USA:  https://home.sunrider.com/dianawalker/product/11/2205134

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Smoking and Vitataste

Smoking?  Again just eating two Vitataste capsules three times a day, will help with the craving.


But for a smoker, there is one condition, and that is that the person really has to want to stop smoking. The best way for a smoker, who really wants to quit, is to take a capsule of Vitataste and open up the capsule and put at least 1/2 the capsule all over the tongue.  Wait about 45 seconds. Then instruct the smoker to go outside, (not in the same room you are in) and light up a cigarette.  The taste of the cigarette will taste so bad, that usually after two or three puffs, they throw the cigarette away.


One key point is that the manufacturers of cigarettes, today, to get people more hooked on them, soak the paper the cigarette is wrapped in Sugar, as well as the leaves of the tobacco are also soaked in sugar water. This creates more of an addiction to the cigarette, as well as gets people hooked on sugar.