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Sunrider Calli Tea

Price: $12.50

Sunrider Calli Tea   Phone 1-800-840-0014 for ordering information.  


*     Nourishes the cleansing system of the body

*     Aids fat metabolism & digestion

*     Increases energy

*     Very alkaline

*     Assists with a Candida diet

*     Helps dissolve arthritic deposits and plaque

*     Promotes mental clarity

*     Chelates out heavy metals

*     Toxic to  parasites

*     Helps elimination

*     Improves liver function

Calli flavors include: Regular, Mint, Cinnamon

Regular – great for  mental clarity

Mint – great for the lungs

Cinnamon – great for digestion

    Drink 1 – 2 tea bags per day to allow your body to  clean itself in a healthy way!