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GETTING STARTED WITH SUNRIDER How to Order Sunrider Products as Sunrider Customer, Diana Walker as sponsor


First, you need a Sponsor and a free Customer account with Sunrider, to have your own
Sunrider ID #. 
§         You can be independent.
§         You can order directly any time, using your exclusive ID number.
§         You can Shop Online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
§         You receive discounts off the Retail price
§         You receive support and education from your Sunrider sponsor, who has had many years of nutrition and Sunrider experience and knowledge
Your sponsor   ………..     DIANA WALKER

Free Sunrider Customer Account
Click here:  
Be sure to be ready with this information to ensure that you are correctly assigned. 
You MUST have an email address to be able to sign up on-line.
***Ask Diana Walker for details and recommendation on how to get started.***
If you open your account online and order at the same time, it is easy to set up your Login and Password for future ordering.   Be sure to write Login and Password down!
Diana will help you.
Diana Walker, Sunrider Group Leader

I provide ongoing customer support and education on nutrition and Sunrider regeneration products, and am available for phone consultations and email consultations if you are in the "Diana Walker Sunrider Family" by having your own account online.

Sunrider Membership - I have sponsored hundreds of members in Canada and the United States -- I love sponsoring new people, and sharing the benefits I have achieved, so I invite you to choose me as your sponsor and mentor and coach.

I am available to assist you step by step as you get your personal Sunrider  ID number and shop online, if you would like. (Note, there is NO monthly minimum order)


Contact Diana Walker  Contact me through my website form


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