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Golden Seal


– Safe, Natural, Effective Antibiotic (Not Available in Canada)


Ingredients – Goldenseal Root  





Golden Seal was first discovered and used by the Cherokee Indians and later admitted to the official U.S. pharmacopoeia.  In the late 1800’s, Golden Seal became so popular and scarce it was selling for 100 times that of other herbs.  The Rodale Press Herb Book says of Golden Seal:  “The botanical name Hydrastis, derived from two Greek words meaning water and to accomplish, is a clue to the principal property of the root.  It is a general tonic for the mucous membranes.” (p. 463).  Golden Seal is considered one of nature’s greatest antibiotics, and acts as a tonic to the entire system.


In his classic herbal reference work, School of Natural Healing, Dr. John R. Christopher writes of Golden Seal:  “This is a powerful tonic for assimilation.  It effectively tones the mucous membranes and any other tissues it contacts, increases and improves the appetite, gastric secretions and flow of bile, and aids in digestion.”  (p. 437)


Other reference books also mention these possible nourishing benefits of Golden Seal Root:  Extremely beneficial in relieving congestion and fighting infection; special aid for the liver, gall bladder, circulation and veins; and tonic for the pancreas.  Many herbalists have used Golden Seal in formulas for the eyes, which makes sense.  One of Golden Seal’s components, hydrastine, is an ingredient in commercial eye drops like Visine.


The Sunrider Difference

All Golden Seal is not created equal.  Like Ginseng, there are many different varieties and grades.  In addition, the root of the plant is much more potent than the herb (leaves, flowers and stems).  Most Golden Seal found in health food stores are leaves.  The root is more expensive, and for good reason.  In fact, the Cherokees gave Golden Seal its name because they revered the potency of its yellow root.


What’s the difference between Sunrider Golden Seal Root and others?  You’d think they’d be pretty much alike.  In fact, Sunrider herbal concentrates are far advanced above regular herbs.  Sunrider’s unique processing greatly enhances the viability and nourishing benefits of all Sunrider herbs.  How?


When herbs are processed by ordinary means, the manufacturer takes the root, leaf, stem, whatever, and simply grinds them up.  This powder is then placed into a capsule or tea bag.  Utilized by most herbal producers, this procedure creates two primary concerns, which underscores the Sunrider difference.


Difference Number One:  Standardization

With ordinary processing, you can’t be certain how much of the herb’s beneficial components are in each capsule or tea bag.  A plant has its components concentrated at different points in the plant.  For example, salicin, the primary component in White Willow, is not evenly distributed throughout the plant, but found in a few concentrated spots in the bark.  With grinding, the beneficial parts of the plant may be concentrated in a few capsules and missing from the rest.  Sunrider’s concentration and enhancement processes insure that the beneficial components of each plant are consistently and evenly distributed throughout the concentrate powder.  It is this type of precise control and enhancement that sets Sunrider apart and makes our foods so effective.  No other manufacturer uses this process. 


Difference Number Two:  Quality

The second area of concern is herb quality and integrity.  Most herb companies purchase their herbs in bulk from one of a couple of major herb brokers, much like they do with the generic powders for their vitamins.  These herbs sit on docks and in warehouses for months at a time, and are often mouldy, cut with dirt and other plants, and infested with insects, all of which go into the grinder.  Some just buy the herb already ground, which is even more suspect.  The consumer not only pays for the herb, but all those little “extras” as well.  The first step in the Sunrider process is to get rid of all the parts of the plant we don’t need.


Dr. Chen is an herbal perfectionist.  He insists on controlling every step of Sunrider herb production.  Sunrider herbs are grown by Sunrider, picked fresh and at the appropriate seasonal times by Sunrider and manufactured by Sunrider.  Every batch of raw herbs is tested for purity and freshness.  This is Dr. Chen’s greatest source of pride.  Sunrider herbs are the purest, finest herbs available.  Period.


Biochemistry of Golden Seal

There has been some misunderstanding with Golden Seal Root and blood sugar.  Golden Seal has a component that gently tones and stimulates the pancreas.  People with blood sugar irregularities like hypoglycemia are often warned not to eat Golden Seal.  Dr. Chen understands the biochemistry of the herbal plant and the body’s response.  During the process of enhancement, he makes certain that any unbalancing effects of the plant are balanced.  This is evident in our Golden Seal Root.  In Sharon Farnsworth’s experience, before Sunrider, she fought blood sugar imbalances, and had reactions to regular Golden Seal Root.  However, she has now eaten Sunrider Golden Seal many times, and finds it very beneficial.



Success Story


Dr. Chen’s enhancement process is clearly evident in Sunrider Golden Seal Root.  A young mother from California relates her experience:  “My two youngest children and I came down with an infection at the same time.  I didn’t have any of our Golden Seal Root, so I went to the health food store and bought the popular brand of the root.  I had taken other brands before and had never noticed much improvement.  It always ends up costing a lot more than the Sunrider because I have to take a lot more of the health food store brand to notice anything at all.  I mixed their Golden Seal into my three-year-old’s cereal and he couldn’t eat it.  He told me it “stung his mouth”.  Well, I got ahold of Sunrider’s Golden Seal Root, and began taking that.  Within a few days, my infection began to clear up, and not only was I able to mix the herb into my son’s cereal, but I diluted it and dropped it into the baby’s nose and eyes for her infection as well.  (I would never trust another Golden Seal enough to do that!)  She cleared right up.  I now keep a few bottles of Sunrider Golden Seal on hand, especially at this time of year.”



Suggested Amounts:


Suggested : 1 – 2 capsules at a time.  Dr. Chen states that Golden Seal Root is a plant that does not need to be eaten continually.  Only eat it when you need it.  Golden Seal is one of the support herbs to the basic foundation whole food formulas, and forms an important part of your “prevention and protection” program.  Conco and Alpha 20C can nourish and strengthen the body’s natural immune response.  When the body becomes run-down, we may require the temporary nourishment of an herb like Sunrider’s Golden Seal.

Note:  Sunrider Golden Seal Root is available in the United States but not Canada.



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