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Refreshing and soothing herbal extracts (Neem Tree Bark, Camellia (green tea) extract, chlorophyll, clove oil, eucalyptus oil, peppermint oil, cassia seed extract, magnolia flower extract, and licorice extract) are combined with a natural baking soda formula to deliver powerful cleaning and whitening action and a cool, fresh taste.




Thorough, safe Dental Care.  Four times more concentrated than regular brands, this gentle and non-abrasive herbal toothpaste is made without fluoride, sugar, saccharin, or dyes.  Bromelain and other potent micro-granulated enzymes work to eliminate plaque.  SunSmile Herbal Toothpaste is anti-bacterial, helps prevent tooth decay, and is also nourishing to the gums. 


Ingredient Details:


Neem Tree Bark – This herb has been used for centuries in India and Africa.  It has properties that clean the teeth and nourish the gums, promoting natural dental hygiene.

Bicarbonate of Soda – Baking Soda – this is an old remedy that is good for cleaning and polishing the teeth.

Enzymes – These help to digest protein and food particles between the teeth that may not be reached by brushing.  Dr. Chen says to leave the toothpaste in your mouth a while to allow more time for the enzymes to work. 

Calli – Some of the herbs used in the Calli formula are also included in the toothpaste.



NO FLUORIDE IN SUNSMILE HERBAL TOOTHPASTE – We don’t have fluoride in our toothpaste.  Dr. Chen submitted our toothpaste to the American Dental Association (ADA).  Their report came back that it was a superior toothpaste in every way – but because it doesn’t have fluoride in it, they couldn’t approve it.  They have a policy to endorse fluoride toothpaste.



Fluoride is a known carcinogen (according to the National Cancer Institute), fluoride’s accumulation in the body increases the risk of bone cancer, hip fractures, osteomalacia (brittle bones), dental fluorosis (a browning of the teeth), and female infertility.  What’s more, ingested fluoride does not reduce tooth decay—a conclusion reached by comprehensive reviews of water fluoridation conducted in 1998 by the Canadian Dental Association (CDA) and a committee of scientists in Natick, Massachusetts. 


Fluoride is a poison.  According to an editorial in the Journal of the American Medical Association, it calls fluoride a “general protoplasmic poisons”.  That means it poisons protoplasm—the contents inside our cells where our body chemistry takes place.  A researcher looked up fluorides on TOXNET, the National Library of Medicine’s computerized data service on toxic substances.  It rated fluoride “4-5”.  A rating of “4” means “very toxic”; a rating of “5” means “extremely toxic”.  There is no rating higher than a 5.



Suggested Amounts


The Sunsmile Herbal Toothpaste is so concentrated that you don’t need to use very much  - One-quarter of a toothbrushful or less!!– so it is very economical.  Available in full size (4.5 ounces) or travel size (2.3 ounces)

Designed to be used with SunSmile Refresher Drops and SunSmile Whitening Gel.




SunSmile Whitening Gel is an herbal-based gel formulated with maximum strength peroxide and extra enzymes for increased cleaning and whitening power.  The SunSmile Whitening Gel has a unique regulated and high oxygenation system to provide greater stain removal and effective tooth whitening without harming the teeth and gums.  This gel may be used alone for daily oral hygiene or along with SunSmile Herbal Toothpaste.   Available in full size (4.5 ounces) or travel size (2.2 ounces)




A natural, safe, antiseptic mouth wash, Sunsmile Refresher Drops contain no alcohol and are environmentally safe.  SunSmile Refresher Drops are an effective gargle against staph, salmonella, bacteria, E-Coli, and strep.  (Ingredients in Refresher Drops are similar to Fruit and Vegetable Rinse).  SunSmile Refresher Drops counter unpleasant breath and can also relieve a sore throat.  SunSmile Refresher Drops help you stay confidently fresh all day long!  They increase the cleaning and whitening power of SunSmile Herbal Toothpaste and SunSmile Whitening Gel.  Mix with water or place a couple of drops directly on your toothbrush.



SUNSMILE TABS – For when you can’t brush – Breath Freshener

SunSmile Tabs are refreshing, chewable tablets for oral hygiene between brushings.  Fresh, tingly feeling. Your mouth is the first defense against invasive viruses and bacteria.  These tabs have ingredients with disinfectant, antiseptic, antiviral, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-parasitic effects, not to mention the powerful healing and soothing effects.  And, it also has many powerful anti-oxidants like citrus bio-flavonoids, selenium and Vitamin E and C.  Beneficial for canker sores, gingivitis, and halitosis.  Great for when you are “on the go”, at work, school, or play!  Even helps an upset stomach!  Children love them!  Blister-packed, 81 tabs/box


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Be sure to watch this video with Diana Walker and Trudy Stoelting highlighting the wonderful advantages of Sunsmile Toothpaste, Sunsmile Tabs, Whitening Gel and Refresher Drops.