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Philosophy of Regeneration




The Sunrider Philosophy
of Regeneration


The Sunrider philosophy does not concentrate on particular ailments, treatments, or cures.  Cures and treatments belong to the medical profession.  The Sunrider philosophy is more concerned with fortifying the body against the constant barrage of negative outside influences.


When the body is strong, it will generally repel illness and disease or cure itself as it is meant to.  The body gives in to disease when it is lacking the proper nutrition. Poor nutrition for an extended period of time causes a degenerative cycle within the body.  When one part of the body lacks nutrients it will take the nutrients from other parts of the body which creates new weaknesses which will eventually cause the body to degenerate.  When the body begins to degenerate, most people from our western culture will make an effort to substitute something else for what the body needs – nutrition.  The West has generally learned to sacrifice good health for an immediate solution to a problem.  This culture must learn that good health can only be attained and retained when the body is supplied the nutrients it needs to perform its intended functions.  As people gain an understanding of the unique nutritional nature of the Sunrider products, they can take the necessary steps to provide their bodies with the nutrition and fortification that is needed to remain healthy.


Dr. Tei-Fu Chen founded the Sunrider Corporation in December 1982.  Dr. Chen has a background as a Taiwanese Medical Officer, pharmacist and a research biochemist.  His wife, Dr. Oi-Lin Chen is a licensed Medical Doctor.  Dr. Chen’s Sunrider philosophy is REGENERATION.  In order to understand what regeneration is, there are three important principles to remember.


Principle #1:           
The body balances itself with proper nutrition - Nourish, Balance, Cleanse

Principle #2:           
The body is designed to obtain its nutrition from a wide variety of Whole Foods.

Principle #3:           
Each person must be willing to accept responsibility for his or her own 


Most Sunrider formulas are based on ancient manuscripts recorded by temple priests and court doctors of China.  Dr. Chen’s great grandfather obtained the manuscripts during the Boxer Rebellion, and they remain in the family to this day.  The manuscripts cover 5,000 years of experience with the use of plant and herbs, and the different ways in which they affect the body.  Our Sunrider formulas have been used and eaten by people for 280 to 1,500 years.  Using the manuscripts, Dr. Chen has applied modern technology to make these formulas available today in an easy-to-use form.








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