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J1  JOI by Sunrider
Sunrider JOI Herbal Formula



JOI – Nervous System Formula  #1 (along with ESE and TOP)




Siberian Ginseng, White Willow Bark, Mint, Silver Flower, Yeuan Wu Root, Chuan-Xiong Root, Angelica Root, Golden Bell Fruit




The name JOI is short for joints, helping us remember that this is a food in capsule form, to nourish our skeletal and muscular system – simply a food to nourish bones and muscles.  There are a lot of people who ache, and this is a great food to nourish these two systems.  It is great to eat if one is injured, like a broken bone or bruised from an accident.  May also give relief from arthritic degenerative conditions in the spinal column.  Certainly one of life’s “joys” is to live without the stress of body pain.  JOI nourishes the body’s ability to soothe soreness and tension in the entire frame – from the neck down.  JOI feels, to many, like a “natural muscle relaxant”.


How to Eat:


JOI is very powerful.  1 to 2 capsules at a time is often sufficient.  Complements TOP and ESE.  For serious repair from injuries, include SportsCaps and Sunrise


Summary of Benefits:  Focus on Joint and Muscle Pain


·          Relief of pain and discomfort in muscles, bones, and joints


The “JET” Set – JOI, ESE, TOP


These 3 nervous system formulas descend from ancient formulas designed to enhance powers of concentration.  When eaten in conjunction with Sunrider’s basic food program, the JOI, ESE and TOP help to balance us more mentally, and spiritually, to be more in harmony with those around us and with nature.  These herbal formulas are a unique blend of herb foods, which the Chinese have traditionally eaten to enhance an overall sense of well-being.   These formulas feed processes related to focus and concentration.  Focus and concentration come from the property we might call mental stillness, which essentially barricades us against things that might otherwise disturb and distract us, like pain.  A still and focused mind lets us concentrate keenly during periods of activity, yet sleep peacefully during periods of rest.


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