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Keep Your Body in Balance


In keeping with Chinese tradition and the Philosophy of Regeneration, daily maintenance of the body with proper nutrition is key to preventing physical malfunction.

Dr. Chen created Quinary® as a convenient way to keep the body’s five major systems in balance.* He combined Alpha 20C®, Assimilaid®, Conco, Lifestream® and Prime Again® into a special, complex formula for Quinary®.

The Quinary keeps the body's five major systems in balance by nourishing and cleansing them.  The five major systems are:

1.  Defense
2.  Digestive
3.  Respiratory
4.  Circulatory
5.  Endocrine

Quinary® supplement helps maintain health rather than waiting for the body to malfunction. It addresses the body's systems collectively as well as individually.

Although it is very difficult to achieve with a formula as complex as this one, Sunrider's blended herbs are maintained without preservatives or synthetic chemicals.

Quinary® supplement comes in 3 easy-to-use forms:

1.  Powder
2.  Capsules
3.  Liquid


“Health isn’t everything, but everything is nothing without health!”

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