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VITAFRUIT – Tissue Repair, Anti-Oxidant & Energy Nectar




Buckthorn Fruit, Luo Han Guo, Lemon Oil, Wintermelon, Date, Orange Peel, Bitter Orange, Honey as a natural preservative.




VitaFruit liquid concentrate is revolutionary and power-packed!  The vitamins are from a food source and the Vitamin C remains stable.  VitaFruit is not a synthesized, chemical product created and manufactured by man.  Dr. Chen, in his brilliance, uses his technological expertise to extract and concentrate herbal fruit juice, while retaining its “Life Force” and its rich content of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.  VitaFruit is the live “nectar” or concentrated juice from many different exotic herbs and herb fruits, many picked in the wilds of western China.  VitaFruit is naturally rich in whole-food antioxidants, Vitamins A, E, a stable C, hundreds of bioflavonoids, B complex, minerals, 2000-3000 carotenoids, amino acids, and live fruit enzymes.  (Antioxidants, natural tissue protectors, are known to slow down the aging process, assist the body in healing, and stop the body from progressing to debilitating diseases.)  Unlike vitamin pills, which provide only known antioxidants, Vitafruit provides known and hundreds of unknown antioxidant nutrients in balanced amounts.   Vitafruit’s greatest work is in assisting tissue repair to cells damaged by free radicals.  Thus, VitaFruit is very anti-aging.  VitaFruit also increases the army of white blood cells in your blood stream, making it a great immune system food.  Dr. Chen’s research and development team states that VitaFruit contains thousands of phyto-nutrients not yet discovered!  It is formulated without added enzymes, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, or chemical isolates.  Vitafruit greatly benefits the skin, restoring luster, radiance and softness to prematurely aging skin for a more youthful and healthy appearance.

Unlike any other vitamin supplement you have ever used, the vitamins and other amino acids in Vitafruit are not extractions or chemical isolates. Instead, they are a superb concentration of berries, herbs and herb fruits. Some of the herbs are grown and harvested in the wilds of western China. Vitafruit helps the body keep the proper acid - alkaline balance which is so vital for your well-being.
Once, when asked what the secret of VitaFruit was, Dr. Chen answered that he felt there were naturally occurring nutrients in the VitaFruit that mankind had not discovered yet.  Later, one of the chemists in the Sunrider Lab was asked about the bioflavanoids  in the Vitamin C family in VitaFruit.  He said, “You only want to know about the bioflavanoids?  With our special new equipment, we can see 200 to 300 flavanoids in the Vitamin C family, bioflavanoids being only one type.  Mankind has not identified or given names yet to these flavanoids.”  When asked about BetaCarotene, the chemist confirmed that they could now see 2,000 to 3,000 carotenoids in the VitaFruit.  BetaCarotene is only one type in the Vitamin A family.


VitaFruit supports the natural collagen of the skin.  If you have skin problems such as rashes or spider angioma that are collagen failures, Dr. Stephen Smith  of Minneapolis, Minnesota, suggests mixing your VitaFruit in a cool cup of Assimilaid (A.D.) tea.  This is a good skin fortifier and supports the body in putting the proper fat and collagen around the organs and in the skin.  Eating VitaFruit with the Beauty Pearl is another way to feed the collagen building nutrients.  Collagen is the element in your skin that keeps you from getting wrinkles.



Ancient China:


The basis for the VitaFruit formula came from a Ming dynasty effort to help soldiers stationed in the desert. The formula was designed to aid the body in rebuilding the membrane in the mouth and the skin after exposure to very hot, dry air. The formula helps the tissues grow back and keeps the skin soft with a silky glow.  Legend has it that Genghis Khan discovered these new fruits when he was conquering Asia.  When he was in Mongolia, he fed his soldiers the combination of these rare fruits, and he noticed they had more energy, were able to march longer and cope with the heat and humidity.  Dr. Chen has reintroduced these fruits to the world today as VitaFruit.  He made this formula for his wife, Oi Lin, when she was recovering from her bout with cancer.  She had surgery on her throat and it had disturbed her ability to speak, and her saliva glands had been affected.  So, we now see Oi Lin with a glass of Fortune Delight and Vitafruit almost everywhere she goes.


How to Eat:


Available in a ten pack of vials, ½ ounce each or a large 11 ounce bottle (greatest value for the money).  VitaFruit increases the nutritional value of whatever you add it to.  Straight from the bottle on a teaspoon tastes great!  Wonderful as a replacement for canned and frozen juices, bottled drinks and sodas.  Dissolve this delicious liquid fruit concentrate in cold water, or add to cold Calli or Fortune Delight with some Sunectar or SunnyDew (Suncare or Suncare Plus in Canada).  You can add to fruit salads, fruit smoothies, or as a fruit or pancake topping.  VitaFruit makes an ideal juice for drinking NuPlus.  Never heat as it would destroy the live bioflavonoids, Vitamin C, and antioxidants. 


Success Story


Bill had severe asthma.  Over time, he got off his medication, with the help of the Sunrider program.  In springtime, however, moulds in the grass still trigger a minor “attack”.  By taking VitaFruit and Conco, his wheezing disappears within 10-20 minutes!  His wife Gail says she notices that taking VitaFruit makes her feel happy!


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